Fall Watercolor Workshop

Mid City Art Studios, 4436 Toulouse St., New Orleans, LA 70119

During the Fall Watercolor Workshop, we'll work on the basic dynamics of painting a watercolor, along with talking about which materials make for a better painting experience.

Extra emphasis will be on drawing as a basis for watercolor, while seeking to achieve a fluid style.

We'll practice simplifying our subject matter to make a more concise statement, as well as creating abstract designs to work from. Using just a few colors at first, we'll play with handling washes and experimenting with edges.

Beginners are very welcome. I don't teach any shortcuts or use any tricks. I rely on the methods used by the great Masters, along with regular practice.

For more info, see my Facebook Studio page, www.facebook.com/joyouscolor or my personal page, www.facebook.com/joan.dagradi.

Tuition is $300.