Student Comments:

“Joan is such a patient and inspiring instructor. If anyone has the slightest inclination to try out painting with watercolors, this workshop is something everyone must consider. It sounds corny, but it’s changed my life.”   - A.D. 

"I looked forward to and loved your workshops and painting with you. 
Before taking your watercolor workshops, I was afraid to paint in watercolor. I had no real idea where or how to begin,  and I certainly did not want to ruin or waste expensive watercolor paper. 

Your classes helped me to open my mind and spirit to the beauty and certainly the magic of watercolor painting. You taught me how to relax and let the paint do it's thing. Besides learning the basics of how, what, when and why, I think the greatest gift I got from your classes was the confidence to try and try again. paper is ever wasted...there are no mistakes only experiences 
Thank you for sharing you gifts and talents."   -M.B. 

"Joan is an amazing art teacher—the best I’ve ever had. Besides being a talented artist, she sees the unique talent for art in each of her students and gently and lovingly gives us the self confidence to bring it forth.”   - P.R. 

“Either as a beginner or seasoned artist, painting under Joan’s guidance is always rewarding. She is generous with her skills, which then encourages students to mentor one another. This makes a great learning environment.” - N.L.

Recent Oil Paintings

"Slowing Down", oil on canvas, 16 x 24 inches